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From: Dr. Bradley Nelson

RE: The Emotion Code

Let me introduce myself. My name is Dr. Bradley Nelson; I've been a chiropractic physician, craniopath, holistic healer and teacher for many years. Since 1998, I have been offering the special healing knowledge that I have gained through prayer, study and practice to others around the country in my seminars.

Do you ever feel that you are struggling under the weight of something that you can’t quite put your finger on? Perhaps your life is not turning out how you wanted it to. You may wish that certain events in your past had never occurred. You may even have an uneasy feeling that your present is somehow being held hostage by your past in some vague and indefinable way.

People often sense that they have emotional issues, but don’t know how to get past them. The feelings that seem to be in their way are often due tos their trapped emotions. They are usually amazed to find out that their emotional baggage often consists of discrete energies that became trapped during emotional events they experienced in their past. They are even more amazed to see how easily these energies can be found and removed and by how different they feel when they are freed from them.

In the same way that you cannot see the wind, yet you can feel it’s effects, trapped emotions are invisible and they can exert powerful forces upon you. Trapped emotions can affect you physically just as much as they can mentally and emotionally. It is my experience that a significant percentage of physical illnesses, emotional difficulties and self-sabotage are actually caused by these unseen energies.

The Emotion Code has been created to give you new insight, to show you how trapped emotions can cause all kinds of problems, and give you the means to release them. You can take your life back, enjoy better health, and finally be free from the insidious and subtle forces that trapped emotions are exerting upon you.

It has been a goal of mine for more many years to teach people how to balance their own bodies and improve their own health as far as it lies within their power to do so. The Emotion Code is helping to fulfill this dream of mine. It is my sincere hope that you will read it and learn the powerful yet simple healing methods that I teach, put them into practice, and improve your own health and the health of your loved ones.

I believe that each of us has a destiny to fulfill, and a mission to perform while we are sojourning on this earth. Illness can stop us in our tracks, and prevent us from living the life we could be living. It is a sacred calling to help those who are ill to recover, not only because of themselves. There is a ripple effect that occurs when someone is healed. Their life, lived fully, touches many others, and can spread out through time and space to eternity. Some of the greatest satisfactions in my life come from teaching people just like you, bringing out the healer in them, practicing the healing art myself, and experiencing the joy that comes from helping others to be well.

God bless you on your journey to getting well and becoming the healer you are inside.

All the Best!
Dr. Bradley Nelson, author of
"The Emotion Code"
P.S.  There is more in-depth healing information packed into The Emotion Code eBook than any other 10 eBooks like it. That is part of the reason it took 3 years to write it! And there is much more than even what I outline on this webpage, but take a look, and I hope you will join me in healing ourselves and our world, one person at a time...
Are the emotions from your past still with you? Could they still be affecting you in unseen ways?

Where would you be without your emotions? If the sum total of all your experiences makes up the tapestry of your life, it is the emotions you have experienced that give that tapestry it’s color.

Our emotions really do give color to our lives. Try to imagine for a moment a world where no emotions could occur. No joy would be possible. No feelings of happiness, bliss, charity or kindness. No love would be felt, no positive emotions of any kind.

On this imaginary emotionless planet, there would be no negative emotions either. No sorrow, no anger, no feelings of depression, and no grief. To live on such a planet would be to merely exist. With no ability to feel emotions of any kind, life would be reduced to a gray, mechanical ritual from cradle to grave. Be grateful that you can feel emotions!

But are there emotions you have experienced that you would rather not have felt? If you are like most people, your life has had its ups and downs. You have probably experienced moments of joy, as well as other times of grief, anger, frustration, and fear. You may have experienced moments of happiness, as well as depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, or any of a wide variety of emotions, both positive and negative.

What you may not realize is that some of the negative emotions you’ve experienced, even though you may have felt them long ago, may still be creating problems for you in subtle, yet very damaging ways. The Emotion Code is about finding those old emotions and releasing them forever.
Much of our suffering is due to negative emotional energies that have become ‘trapped’ within us. The Emotion Code is a simple and powerful method of finding and releasing these trapped energies.

Many people have found that when they free themselves of their trapped emotions they are able to live healthier and happier lives. A single trapped emotion can create both physical and emotional problems.

The following real-life examples illustrate how releasing trapped emotional energy using the Emotion Code can result in astonishing and sudden improvements in physical and emotional wellness:

Debbie thought she was having a heart attack. She had crushing chest pain and difficulty breathing; her left arm was completely numb, as was the left side of her face. She said it had been gradually getting worse for 24 hours. I immediately had her lie down while the staff called for medical assistance. After checking her vital signs and seeing that they were normal, I checked her heart for energetic imbalance. Her "heart circuit" was blown. Via muscle testing I asked her body if this imbalance was emotional. Her body answered yes. The emotion was “anguish”. I continue to test her, to see if we could determine when this emotion had become "trapped" in her body. We went back about three years and then could go no further. When I told her that the trapped emotion was anguish from three years ago, she started to cry and exclaimed, "I thought I'd dealt with all that! I can't believe that is showing up now!" I asked if she would share with me what happened. She replied that three years before, her husband had had an affair. The news was devastating to her. All she could for months was weep, and she said that she felt like her heart was being torn out of her body. I released the trapped emotion from her body, and within seconds the feeling came back into her arm and into her face. Suddenly her difficulty breathing and the chest pain and heaviness were gone. We canceled the call for medical assistance, and she left the office a few minutes later, feeling completely fine.

In this story, a Canadian teacher shares how a difficult situation resulted in a trapped emotion that stayed with him, impacting his life in a negative way.

Neil’s Resentment

A number of years ago when I was teaching school, the principal and I just did not get along well at all. We fought almost from day one over one topic or another. She was extremely vicious, vindictive, and emasculating in every way, shape and form.

Finally, about January of the school year, I bailed out. I saw my doctor, and went on stress leave. He said, ‘Take some time off and regroup and recuperate.’ So I did that for about three months, and at the end of three months I went back to the school board with a clean bill of health, but with a proviso from the doctor that I was not to be put back into the same situation with this rather nasty principal.

Anyway, the feelings surrounding her and that whole situation would never leave. They would well up often, and I would ruminate on the situation, thinking about it, and I would feel my blood pressure rising, and I would feel the anger and resentment building up within me about the way I had been treated, and the fact that she never had any disciplinary measures even though she had a history of being rather sinister, if you will, to teachers who disagreed with her approach to principalship.

Anyway, this went on for 2 years. I couldn’t sleep at night because I’d be so bent out of shape from all the negative feelings I was carrying. We were visiting Southern California and went and saw Dr. Brad Nelson and went to his clinic, and he rolled a magnet up and down my back, and released this feeling of resentment, and when he did so, I felt, I actually felt, something leave me. And from that point forward, even though I still don’t like the woman, I don’t have the negative feelings and the rising blood pressure, the anger, the resentment, which had possessed me for several years. So, that’s the story of an emotional blockage gone, with these principles and the Emotion Code that Dr. Brad teaches.

Neil B., Alberta, Canada

Susan had an earthquake phobia. Small earthquakes occur in California every day, and are large enough that they make the news several times a week. The smaller earthquakes, typically around to 2or 3 on the Richter scale, are not felt by the general population unless you are within probably a mile or two of the epicenter. Susan was different. She felt every earthquake, no matter how small. A feeling of panic and impending doom would come over her when she felt an earthquake, and she would feel an urge to hold onto the walls or something solid, even though she logically knew that the room wasn't moving. I asked her body if there is any kind of trapped emotions might have anything to do with this phobia. Her body answered yes. On February 9, 1971, Susan's home was mere yards from the epicenter of the deadly earthquake that occurred in California. The emotion that we uncovered through testing was 'terror'. The emotion had become trapped in her body during the earthquake, and was never released. So we released the emotion, and Susan was delighted to find that her earthquake phobia was suddenly gone. She could no longer feel the small earthquakes, and, a few months later, when we had a fairly strong earthquake, she went through it with no feelings of panic or terror.

Jane had originally come to me for treatment of her migraine headaches. As we talked, however, she revealed to me that she suffered from night terrors. I was astonished to find out that two to three times a week Jane would wake-up screaming in the middle of the night, from a horrible, recurring nightmare. But this was not just any nightmare. She had broken multiple bones, and sustained a skull fracture from diving out off her bunk bed when she was younger. Now, as a married woman with children, she would still scream and thrash around several nights every week. After trying unsuccessfully for many years to overcome this problem, Jane had given up. In Jane's case we ound a number of trapped emotions that had become trapped when she was a young girl. By releasing these trapped emotions over the course of several weeks, we were able to put an end to her night terrors. I think her children were more grateful that she was!

Pinned to the Past

I was teaching a workshop once in Las Vegas when I had an interesting experience. I asked for a volunteer, and a young woman in her early twenties came up out of the audience. I asked her if she had any particular physical complaints, and she said no, that she was healthy, and had no problems.

I muscle tested her to see if she had a trapped emotion, and she did. The emotion was unsupported, which is a feeling similar to being all alone, and without help when you really need it.

Through muscle testing I asked her body when this emotion had become trapped. I asked, “Did this emotion become trapped within the last five years?” “No.” “Did this emotion become trapped between ages ten and twenty?” “No.” “Did this emotion become trapped between ages birth to ten?” “Yes.” “Did this emotion become trapped in the first five years of your life?” “Yes.” “Did this emotion become trapped in the first year of your life?” “Yes.” “Did this emotion occur after one year of age?” “No.” I asked her if she had any idea what this might be about, and she shook her head no.

It just so happened that this young woman had arrived at the workshop with her mother and they had been sitting together in the audience. At this point, I looked out at the audience and noticed that her mother looked very uncomfortable.
Her hand was covering her mouth and she looked either frightened or very embarrassed, I couldn’t tell which. I asked her if she knew what might have happened, since her daughter was too young to remember.

In a very pained and embarrassed voice she explained, “Well, when Jessica was a baby I used cloth diapers, which I would close with safety pins. There was one particular occasion where I’m ashamed to say that I accidently pinned her to her diaper. She cried and cried, but I didn’t realize that she was pinned to her diaper until I changed her again. I can’t believe this is showing up now and I felt so horrible about this and I still do.”

I turned to Jessica and asked, “Is that what this trapped emotion is about?” I pressed down on her arm and it was very strong, indicating that this was indeed the case. I released the trapped emotional energy by rolling three times down her back with the MagCreator, a magnetic tool made by Nikken, and she sat down again.

About two weeks later I received the following e-mail:

Hi Dr. Brad,

When you were in Las Vegas, you cleared a trapped emotion for my daughter, Jessica, stemming from infancy. Jessica has suffered from hip and knee pain since about the age of 12 has gotten worse as she got older. Since you worked on clearing her trapped emotion of feeling unsupported (about 1 1/2 weeks ago), she has had no pain or constriction in her hips and knees. She has never gone more than a day or two without pain, and because it was worsening, it was beginning to affect her gait. She is ecstatic, and now is experiencing a “new” sense of inner joy. She sends her heartfelt thanks.

Jessica said feel free to share her story....she is certainly telling everyone in Las Vegas about it!

Thank you! - Maureen C.

Here is another example of a trapped emotion creating physical pain. The event that caused the trapped emotion happened when Jessica was a baby, and she had no conscious memory of it. Had we not released it, I believe that Jessica may have eventually become disabled, and the true cause of her disability - her trapped emotion - would have remained undiscovered.

"The EmotionCode" is a breakthrough new way to find these trapped emotions, and release these energies easily and quickly.


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Sometimes trapped emotions
can become lodged around
the heart, and can create a 'Heart-Wall.'

Have you ever been injured emotionally? Have you ever felt that emotional heaviness in your chest like your heart was breaking?

The heart is the center of your being. In fact, research now indicates that the heart may be a second brain, a brain more powerful than the one on top of your shoulders. A brain that is fully activated when you are giving and receiving pure love and acts of pure, unselfish devotion. It is through our heart that we give and receive love.

But our hearts are vulnerable to emotional injury. Sometimes trapped emotions are created in the body, and sometimes these trapped emotions lodge in the heart area.

Since all things are nothing but pure energy by their very nature, a trapped emotion is no different, and consists of pure energy.

Well, sometimes your subconscious mind will take that extra energy that is now in the heart area, and it will literally make a 'wall' with it. Why? To protect your heart from injury; to keep your heart from being totally broken.

I believe that Heart Walls affect us in two ways. First, they block the heart energy from flowing through the body; this makes it more difficult for the body to heal itself, and can cause physical symptoms, particularly in the neck, upper back and shoulders. Second, they block us from fully opening our hearts to others.

In essence, a HeartWall will make you numb to others and make it more difficult for you to feel emotions and connect to others. When you realize that the mind puts the heart wall up to protect us in the first place, it all makes sense, but if you have a HeartWall, you will have a harder time being able to give and receive love freely.

When the Heart Wall is removed from the body, the difference can sometimes be felt immediately. At other times, the change is more subtle and takes place over time. One of the main reasons that I teach my BodyCode Seminars, and the main reason I wrote "The Emotion Code" is the Heart-Wall phenomenon. I can never hope to clear enough HeartWalls in my lifetime to make a very big difference to the world. But if enough individuals learn how to release these emotions, many hearts can be "unlocked", and the level of love and understanding in the world will increase. In this small way, maybe we really can change the world.

Here are a few real-life examples of how Heart-Walls can affect you:

At the time Dr. Nelson cleared my Heart-Wall, I was approximately 51 years old and I had worked at the Walt Disney Company for 22 years. It was a busy, exciting career, filled with travel all over the world and bright, creative people. I had a wonderful family and many close friendships. I had never been married. I wasn’t against marriage nor was I dying to get married. It wasn’t an issue. My life was full.

Later that year, two of my friends were planning a trip to China. They asked me to join them, but I said I was very busy at work. They kept up their encouragement. It was as if an invisible hand was at my back, pushing me in the direction of China. Thinking that if I ever did want to go to China, I may as well go, I went.

Travel in China was somewhat restricted at the time, so we went with a group. There was a wonderful gentleman on the trip, an attorney who had been divorced for seven years. He lived in Newport Beach, about 40 miles from my home up the California coast. We got to know each other in a very unassuming way during our tour of China.

On the airplane trip home, we sat together and he asked me out for the following weekend. We dated for a year. He popped the question on Thanksgiving Day and we were married six months later. I was age 53.

As I reflect back on the time after my Heart-Wall cleared, I realize things weren’t the same. I began to open myself to the idea of having someone in my life “to have and to hold” and to care for as he would care for me. It happened on the feeling level. Finding someone to share my life with just felt like the next step. There was a new readiness that I hadn’t felt before. It must have been the removal of that invisible wall -- that I had not even known was there -- that allowed me to let this wonderful man in.

So for all of you who think women cannot marry after “a certain age,” get your Heart-Wall cleared, stay open to the possibilities life has to offer and remember my story. We are now approaching our 5th anniversary, have just moved into our new home on the California Coast overlooking the ocean and Catalina Island and are living the fairy tale.

Thank you, Dr. Nelson.
Lynn R.

Miranda is a perfect example of how a Heart-Wall can interfere with your love life. She was an attractive 38-year-old nurse who came to me suffering from neck pain. During the course of the examination, she mentioned that she had not dated anyone in years and had no interest in having any kind of a relationship with men anymore. When I tested her, I was not surprised to find that she had a Heart-Wall.

Eight years before, Miranda’s heart had been broken in a relationship with a man she had deeply loved. In an effort to protect her heart from experiencing that kind of pain and injury again, her subconscious mind had created a Heart-Wall.

In Miranda’s case, three lingering emotions had been trapped in her body for all those years, blocking her from experiencing a loving relationship. She had no idea that these trapped emotions were the major underlying cause of the pain she was experiencing in her neck as well. Her neck pain had been going on for some time, and was considered chronic and even a bit mysterious by the other doctors she had consulted, as nothing seemed to relieve it.

One by one, we cleared each of these emotions. At the end, I asked her body if the Heart-Wall had finally been released. Her body said that it was completely gone.

I didn’t see Miranda again for about three months. When I did, she looked incredibly happy. I asked her what had changed and she excitedly said, “Everything!” She reported that her neck pain was long gone. But there was even better news than that.

“Right after I saw you last,” she said, “I ran into my childhood sweetheart. I hadn’t seen him since elementary school. But it turned out, he’d been living right around the corner from me - less than a block away - for almost eight years. We started dating and something really sparked between us. We’re in love! I think he’s going to ask me to marry him.”
The woman who had come into my office complaining of neck pain and swearing off men was gone for good. She was like a completely new person.

“Thank you so much for helping me,” Miranda said. “If you hadn’t released my Heart-Wall, I honestly don’t think this would have happened. I was too closed-off before.”

When trapped emotions and Heart-Walls are released, people sometimes say it’s like they can finally feel again. They can give and receive love freely for the first time in a long time. In that state, very interesting and wonderful things can happen.

How We Are Meant to Live

This is how we’re meant to live. We’re meant to live vibrant, healthy lives, filled with love and joy. Of all the emotions, love is the most pure and has the highest vibration. Love, that most powerful and most popular of all the emotions, is both generated by the heart and received by the heart.

When you have a Heart-Wall, you are not able to give love as well as you might, because that love energy that is in your heart cannot get out as well.

At the same time, love that is being radiated toward you by other people is blocked to some degree.

As a result, you can go through your life somewhat insulated from others, because of the emotional traumas you’ve been through and the subconscious wall that literally exists around your heart. The traumas were genuine enough and there is no doubt that they caused more pain than your body thought it could stand to feel again – that’s why the Heart-Wall made perfect sense at the time. But until you take it down, you’ll be trapped behind it to some degree, less able to reach out and connect with people, even the people you love most.


The video clip above was recorded in Denver a few years ago, and is the story of Anne Horne, who had a near-death experience in which she saw this work on the HeartWall being done in the future.

The importance of clearing the HeartWall from yourself and your loved ones cannot be overestimated. In practice, I have found incredibly profound results from clearing the emotions that form the heart wall. I have seen suicidally-depressed people completely get over their depression and recover after having the heartwall cleared. I have seen seemingly unreachable, very angry young people who were getting poor grades turn their lives around. I have seen the incredible serenity that people regain when they again feel connected to the people around them. People have even related to us that for the first time in their lives they can actually feel God's love for them.

Imagine ...

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You will learn to communicate with your pets and release their trapped emotions

As any animal lover will tell you, animals have feelings, too. They may not be able to talk about them, but if you watch their behavior and get to know them, you will soon be able to recognize their subtle changes of emotion. Even without words, animals express their emotions clearly. When emotionally upsetting events occur, animals can suffer from trapped emotions just as people can.

Twiggs Gets Dognapped

A little Lhasa Apso named Twiggs is a perfect example. His owners, Brett and Cathy, told me his story when they brought him in.

A few months before, they had all been taking a walk together in the foothills near San Juan Capistrano. Twiggs, who was very inquisitive and loved to go exploring, had trotted off down the trail about 50 or 60 feet in front of them. Suddenly, there was a rustling of leaves and a coyote emerged from the brush along the trail. A heartbeat later, the coyote was running away with Twiggs in his jaws. Brett and Cathy barely had time to move before he was gone. They chased the coyote into the trees, but there was nothing they could do.

Going back home, broken hearted, they resigned themselves to the loss of their dog. They were still grieving four days later, when Twiggs showed up on their doorstep. He stood there quivering, his hair all matted and bloody, glad to be home. They rushed him to the animal hospital, where the vet stitched up his wounds, gave him antibiotics, and saved his life.

“It was like a miracle,” Cathy said, stroking Twiggs, as she held him snugly in her arms. “We were so relieved!”

“So what seems to be the problem?” I asked.

“He’s just not the same dog any more,” Brett explained. “He never barks or chases anything. He seems to have lost his interest in life.”

“And he shakes all the time,” Cathy said, holding Twiggs up so I could see how much he was trembling.

“The vet says it might be neurological damage,” Brett added. “He said there’s nothing he can do. It’s probably permanent.”

Cathy set Twiggs down on the table, so I could examine him. I checked for misalignments in the spine. I found a few, as I had expected, and adjusted them.
“The thing is,” Cathy said, “We’re wondering if we should put him down….”
“His quality of life just isn’t very good any more,” Brett said. “He never barks or runs around like he used to. We have to carry him everywhere. His curiosity is gone. He just seems like he’s suffering all the time.”

We all looked at Twiggs, sitting on the adjusting table, shivering, with a miserable, frightened look in his eyes.

I could only imagine the terror he must have experienced when he was attacked and carried off, and decided it was likely he was suffering from a trapped emotion. After getting permission from Brett and Cathy, I explained surrogate testing and asked one of them to act as surrogate for Twiggs.

When I asked if he had a trapped emotion, the answer was “Yes.” I assumed that the emotion would be fear or terror. As I narrowed the list of emotions, what turned up was surprising. The emotion that filled this little dog’s heart and soul at the time it was being carried off by the coyote wasn’t terror, or anything like that. It was sadness.

As he was being carried off in the jaws of the coyote, all Twiggs could think about was that he was never going to see Brett and Cathy again, and the thought overwhelmed him with sadness.

Once we identified the trapped emotion, I quickly released it with a magnet and the treatment was over.

When I set Twiggs down on the floor, he took off like a speeding bullet! He ran down the hall and into the waiting room. When he had first come into that waiting room, in Cathy’s arms, he’d been shivering so hard, he hadn’t seemed to notice any of the people there. Now, he greeted each patient with several nice, healthy barks. Then he rushed down the hall and stuck his head into every room, barking at least once, before he finally ended up in front of Brett and Cathy, happily wagging his tail.

It was an amazing, instantaneous transformation. We were all astonished and touched by this miraculous healing. According to his owners, Twiggs stopped shaking from that moment and his charming, inquisitive personality returned.
The great thing about testing animals for trapped emotions is that what you see is what you get. Animals don’t pretend they’re feeling better just to make you happy. Often the effect is immediate, and quite profound.

Twiggs seemed to know that we were trying to help him. And when he suddenly felt better, the change was obvious to everyone!

Amazing Horse Stories

Our children were taking riding lessons at a local equestrian park and we ended up treating the owner’s horses for trapped emotions. The owner tells the story here:

I have been involved with horse training and riding since I was fourteen years old. I now own and operate an equestrian facility. I regularly compete in National Reining Horse Association events around the country with my horses.

I met Dr. Nelson and his wife, Jean a year or so ago, and have been privileged to have the two of them work on some of my horses, with amazing results, and I would like to share with you what I have seen.

All my horses are quarter horses, and are considered working cattle horses.
One of my favorite horses is Newt. He is now 14 years old, and has been retired for 5 years, which is very unusual for a horse, but Newt has some problems. About 10 years ago, Newt slept on an anthill, and was bitten repeatedly by ants in a large area of skin over his left hind-quarter. Within a few days, all the hair fell out of that area, and he never really recovered from it. Although the hair grew back, I quit showing him about 6 or 7 years ago, as he just couldn’t perform any more, and it was obvious to me that he was in pain. His energy level was very low, and it seemed that he was suddenly old before his time. Over the last five years he has been totally retired, but I have been taking him out about twice a year to work him just a bit, just to give him something to do.

Over the years I have had vets look at him, chiropractors, and even tried shock therapy, but nothing worked at all. Newt is a very valuable horse. Both of his grandparents were from DocBarr twice, from both mother and father. DocBarr is a very famous quarter horse. His mother’s lineage is in the top 5 reining and cow-horses in the country.

As Dr. Nelson and Jean worked on Newt, they told me that he was suffering from trapped emotions. Specifically, he had lack of control and nervousness from around age 2. This dated back to before I had him, when he had been worked too hard and too aggressively by his former owner/trainer. They said he had some sort of disconnection going on in the left hindquarter, dating back to the ant bites as well.
Since Dr. Nelson and his wife worked on him, (he had a total of one treatment that lasted about 30 minutes) Newt is like a new horse. In fact, it’s like he has suddenly gone back to where he was when he was a four-year-old. I can now use him to rope cattle, which puts a lot of strain on the horse’s back, with no problem. I can rein him and put him through all his paces, and he performs at the top of his game. It’s amazing to me how he acts now. He is full of energy, and wants to play all the time. After being retired and unable to do much of anything at all for many years, Newt is brand-new.

Another horse of mine I call Buck. He is probably the best horse I have, and is a beautiful little buckskin quarter horse. I got him three months ago. From the very beginning, he was suffering from a severe lack of energy and trust, and had no desire to do anything. He didn’t want to work. I happen to know how he was trained, and it was way too aggressive, to put it kindly. My observation is that you can get a horse to perform with that kind of harsh training for about a year, and then you are all done, because the horse finally says, “You can hurt me all you want, and I just don’t care anymore. I’m done.”

Well, Buck had reached that point, and he was done. He hated his life, hated his job, and hated people, because they had mistreated him so much. Dr. Nelson and his wife checked him out, and found trapped emotions of hatred at age 3 (he felt that the trainer hated him), depression at age 3, and other emotions of overwhelmed, panic, and feeling taken for granted.

Since then, Buck has changed in a big way. His cadence has changed, he is much smoother to ride, and feels much more relaxed, which is how he should feel to me when I ride him. In addition, he is no longer afraid of people, and much less guarded. He is now a normal horse in all those aspects, he loves to work now, and is full of energy. It’s really amazing. He is like a new horse.

Last month, I took Buck to the NHRA show, where he took 3rd out of 30 head in the stallion class event, and 3rd in the trainer horse event. I am happy to say that he beat his old trainer’s best by five points at this show. Training by instilling fear might work for a while, but trust lasts forever.

I’m not sure how Dr. Nelson’s method works, but I am absolutely convinced that trapped emotions are real. It is truly amazing to see this process done and to see the results that are obtained. Without Dr. Nelson knowing anything about a horse’s history, the emotions and things that come up are exactly right on.
I have seen this method work, and I can see and feel the results in my horses. When I try to describe it to people they say it sounds like Voodoo. All I know is, it works, and that’s all I care about.

- Boyd Roundy, Utah

More Amazing Horse Stories

My name is Debbie Spitzenpfeil. I am an FEI level Dressage Trainer and Clinician, and I have trained in Germany with Olympic trainers. After having a training barn in San Juan Capistrano, California for 17 years with 23 horses from Training Level to Intermediare II, I am now semi-retired in Oregon with my Holsteiner Stallion, Revelation. I teach Dressage Clinics in Oregon, Colorado, and California as well as judging shows in these states.

I attended the first seminar on magnetic healing that Dr. Nelson held, in San Diego, California, in July of 1998. I have used his methods of clearing trapped emotions and have found them to be invaluable in working with horses, as well as people, and I have many amazing stories that I could share, but here are a couple of great ones.

One horse that was in training with me for several years would go lame several times a year. We had three different vets look at him, x-rays, chiropractic, and acupuncture done but nothing seemed to work during these times. It was very frustrating since we were competing with him and never knew just when this mysterious lameness would occur. When I learned the Emotion Code through being a patient of Dr. Nelson’s for 10 years, as well as going to his seminars, I began to use energetic balancing on the horses I had in training with me.

Highlander would go lame in his right hock area. I began to clear his emotional baggage. He had a Heart-Wall that was 29 stalls thick. I was able to eliminate all of the Heart-Walls through clearing. He had abandonment issues, anger and resentment at his owner, and major grief. I was able to trace this back to when he was 5 years old and was being trailered. He had fallen down in the trailer. The owner never stopped to help him and he had to lie that way the entire trip. I asked the owner if this had indeed happened and she ashamedly admitted that it had. She simply did not know what to do, so drove with him in the trailer until she got to the show grounds. Highlander knew that she knew, and he resented her for it. He also felt abandoned by her.

After I was able to clear everything, he went from being totally lame in the hock to being completely sound within 10 minutes. He remained sound for the next 3 years while I had him in training. Only two times did I have to clear him again, and that was when he saw horses that didn’t want to load into a trailer and I think he recalled his grief. But still he stayed sound and went on to win several Championships.

Another horse I was training in a clinic came in lame. I had never taught him before. I asked his owner if I could muscle test him to see if this was a physical lameness or an emotional one. It was an emotional lameness. I was able to clear his grief issues over the loss of another horse that had to be put down in his barn. He was mourning the horse and short-circuited in many organs as well as his heart. It took me about 10 minutes to clear him, after which he immediately trotted off sound. He continued to be sound for many more Clinics until he was sold to another home.

I have used the Emotion Code on horses I plan to purchase to see if they have emotional short circuits and if they are indeed trainable. It has helped me enormously in choosing good horses. I am always muscle testing my horses to do check-ups on their health status. I think they are physically healthier and happier because of Dr. Nelson’s methods.

- Debbie Spitzenpfeil, Oregon

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You will learn to communicate
with your own subconscious
and tap into the healer within.

By learning and practicing The Emotion Code, you will learn to trust your own internal computer system, your subconscious mind.

Here is a rather oversimplified way to look at it. It has been said many times that we humans use only about ten percent of our brain. What is really meant by this is that the conscious mind needs about 10% of our brain’s resources. In other words, thinking, moving about, making choices, planning, seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, and smelling are all conscious activities, and take up 10% of our processing power. If this is true, what is the other 90% of the brain doing? If the conscious mind takes up 10% of your brain, we can refer to the other 90% as the subconscious mind. This silent and unconscious majority of the brain is constantly busy storing information and keeping your body systems running efficiently. It also is important to understand that the subconscious mind exerts an unseen yet profound influence over the things we do and how we behave and feel.

Most people give little thought to their subconscious minds. But imagine for a moment having to take over the functions that your subconscious mind performs. Imagine the difficulty of instructing your digestive system how to digest your lunch, or telling your cells how to create enzymes and proteins. Imagine if you had to worry about keeping your heart beating or keeping air moving in and out of your lungs every moment of everyday. And you think you have a full schedule now!

Like a computer, your subconscious mind is capable of storing vast amounts of information. Under certain circumstances, for example, it has been shown that people who are undergoing brain surgery will have memories return to them when a certain area of the brain is stimulated. For example, the surgeon might touch an area of the brain with his electrode and the alert patient suddenly will remember a scene, a smell, or a sound from a particular moment in their life.
Often these flashes of memory are about events or scenes that would be unremembered under normal circumstances. If the same area of the brain is touched again with an electrode in the same precise spot, the same memory will be re-lived.

If you are like me, sometimes it seems difficult to remember what happened yesterday. I believe however, that your sub-conscious mind is an amazing recording device. I believe that everything you’ve ever done in your entire life has been logged in your subconscious mind. Every face you’ve ever seen in a crowd, every smell, every voice, every song, every taste, every touch and every sensation you have ever experienced has been recorded by your subconscious. Every virus, bacteria or fungus that has ever invaded your body, all your injuries, all your thoughts and feelings, and the entire history of every cell in your body (down to the atomic level, most likely) have all been recorded. Your subconscious is also aware of any trapped emotions that your body may be harboring, and it also knows exactly what effect these trapped emotions are having on your physical, emotional and mental well being. All of this and more is locked away in the subconscious mind.

Your subconscious is also aware of exactly what your body needs in order to get well. But how can you get to this information? Buy "The Emotion Code eBook" and find out!

Not only will you learn how to tap into your own subconscious mind, but you will also learn how to help those who are unconscious, comatose, or far, far away, with simple, straightforward methods that are easily mastered.

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"I can’t say enough good about this information and the way you present it!  Outstanding!  Thank you from my heart!"

Yvonne S., Bend, OR

"...I believe you have given me tools to stay well & know when I’m not." The releasing of emotions was powerful – I thank you for a life changing experience! I can’t say enough good about this information and the way you present it! Outstanding! Thank you from my heart!" - Yvonne S., Bend, OR

“Awesome! Exciting, worth the price of admission”! Ty S., Mukilteo, WA


Great information...! – Dr. Steven B., D.C., Carson City, NV

"I gained a mountain of info not only for myself but I feel obligated to share with everyone.” Margo P., Darrington, WA

”GREAT!  I’m excited about helping myself. But especially others.  Family – friends people that are hurting.” Susan D., Mukilteo, WA

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"Dr. Nelson has the ability to make the complex simple, and to teach anyone these amazingly profound healing methods ..."

Gwen Legler, MSW, Arlington, WA

This information has truly changed the direction of my life for the better and have had a profound effect on myself, my family and my patients ..."
-Gwen Legler, Arlington, WA

”Unspeakably great and so much information.  So much Power that the average mind doesn’t even think of using.”  Gerry F. – Eastlake, CO 

“Groundbreaking information thoughtfully and clearly presented” Brian M., Port Townsend, WA

“Very informative with specific information, examples and hands on experience.” Sharon C., San Diego, CA


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“The opportunity to learn how to assist others in wellness in their own lives, is the greatest thing you can learn here.”

Martha M., Los Angeles, CA

"...the opportunity to learn how to assist others in wellness in their own lives, is the greatest thing you can learn here."- Martha M., Los Angeles, CA

“The information is great and I learned a tremendous amount of information that can be put to practical use helping other people.” - Steven D., San Diego, CA

” I love being able to assist others and myself to a better life without drugs or surgery.” David A., lake Forest, CA

”Very interesting!  A whole new way of looking at health.” - Jeannie M., Beaverton, OR

“A great deal of wonderful knowledge presented entertainingly.  It really had my attention which allowed me to learn and want to help people!” - Shannon A., Taylorsville, UT

“Entertaining, informational, refreshing.  I thrilled to have this information I want to go out and ‘fix’ everybody now!” - Diane V., Arlington, WA

“Exciting possibilities This reinforces and fits much of my acupressure and healing touch training I have been getting towards my holistic health practitioner certification.” - Kevin C., Hemet, CA


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"You have to experience it, otherwise you can't believe it!"

Gail R., Garden Grove, CA "

"You won't believe the information that you will learn and how this will help you not only in your life, but with your friends and family, and help you deal with emotions and other imbalances that can cause problems in your life. You have to experience it, otherwise you can't believe it. It is really amazing!"  - Gail R., Garden Grove, CA "

“I really feel tremendous release of old ‘stuff’.” -Valerie D., Bothell, WA

“I found clearing my emotions a life changing event.  It will be interesting working on others.” Tim R., Kirkland, WA

“ No superlatives are adequate! I’ve needed this info for so long.  I’m already a new person and can’t wait to help family, friends, and others.  I can’t thank you enough for my new physical well-being and for giving me the knowledge to help other people.” Mary M., Maple Valley, WA

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"I truly believe that this is the most powerful information I have ever received, and I hope it spreads over the whole world."

Dave C., Beverly Hills, CA

“Very powerful gift to help people change their lives in a positive way.  Life changing to me and my family.”
-Sharon S., Everett, WA

“The potential is overwhelming of where this could go!”
-P. Jacobsen, Bothell, WA

“Wonderful ! Enlightening ! Amazing ! Ground-Breaking ! Extremely Useful !” Bernadine M., San Juan Capistrano, CA

“I can’t say enough good things, this has helped me so much !! Many things, one special issue is that I have quit biting my nails after 38 to 40 years…I can’t get enough!! This is fabulous !!”

-Kim C., Arlington, WA

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“This is some of the most fun and exciting information I've learned in a long time!..."

Karen B., La Habra, CA

"...This is some of the most fun and exciting information I've learned in a long time! I can't wait to take it out and use on other people and help friends and family and people I love! Karen B.

“This is the type of information that helps to change lives, just loved all of it.” Kelli O., Burnaby, BC, Canada

“This was extremely exciting, informative, thought provoking, and entertaining.” Becky B., Renton, WA

“I’ve learned so much – I feel I have had my mind opened up and I am excited about the potiental.” Valinda R., Arlington, WA

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"I know this work is going to be extremely helpful in my practice, and I can't wait to put it to use!"

- Dr. Shawn K., Mission Viejo, CA

“You’ve been give a tremendous gift... What better way to understand ourselves and help others in such a profound way... GREAT EXPERIENCE!!” - Heidi J., Santa Ana, CA

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“What a wonderful experience to continue learning – thru Gods help, to help others”.

– Wanda T., Dayton, NV

“I learned so much that will be useful to help other people. I would recommend this seminar to anyone who wants to improve their own balance and well-being, and to anyone who wants to help others. Great course!” - John B., Arcadia, CA

Thank you!..  Awesome....  Congratulations! – Katharine W., Wickford, RI

“Enjoyed it immensely – exciting! Can’t wait to use this on friends and in Nikken business!“ - Lee L.

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“Quantum leap into the ‘medicine’ of the future. I’m privileged to be part of healing the planet. Truly remarkable information that is ahead of all I have studied so far.  This is the next step I’ve been looking for. 

B.F., San Bernardino, CA

“I have been disappointed in many of the systems that I had previously explored because either they seemed to be more complicated than necessary or they were fear-based and limited by their restrictions. Your approach has an eloquence based on simplicity and trust in the perfection of our design. I can’t imagine anything better to base healing on...” - Pam K., P.T. , Valley Center, CA

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“It’s amazing how simple this is to learn.  Thank you, Dr. Nelson.”

Julie G., West Covina, CA"

“Thanks for listening and having the courage to follow your heart.”  Deborah Kay S., Spring Valley, CA

A well focused program giving foundational support for helping balance energy in the body. Kevin M., Phoenix, NV

A trip to a whole new world... - Harold D., Tahoe City, CA

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By reading "The Emotion Code", you will gain tools to help yourself by releasing the blocks that hold you back from being totally healthy, from being successful in business, and from finding love and happiness in your life.

The reality is that you are a powerful being, fully capable of things that may lie far beyond your wildest dreams at this point. I will teach you in "The Emotion Code" that you CAN heal, and that you CAN help yourself and those you love, in very easy and simple ways, that can help them to be free of all kinds of pain and suffering, both physically and emotionally.

Take your time, read everything on this website if you want, and make the decision to buy "The Emotion Code." I promise you will not regret it!


So, whether you are ready to discover hidden healing skills that have lain dormant within you all your life, or you simply want to improve your current healing abilities, this is your chance. Within a matter of minutes, you can download and begin reading "The Emotion Code!"

By reading and using "The Emotion Code eBook" you can:

Feel more emotionally connected with others than ever before
Experience the lightness of releasing your trapped emotional baggage
Be empowered to communicate with your own subconscious
Learn the hottest techniques to tap into your own internal computer
Acquire amazing tools to help your friends and loved ones
Discover the unseen causes of illness most doctors aren't aware of
Internalize and practice healing methods known only to a few
Discern your real health challenge and know what to do about it now
Learn to communicate with and heal your animals and pets
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I hope that you will join me. Learn to release your old emotional baggage; learn to help your husband, your wife, your children and friends. Learn to help your pets! The Emotion Code is simple and easy, and it works.

I believe that each of us has a destiny to fulfill, and a mission to perform while we are sojourning on this earth. Trapped emotions and the problems they create can stop us in our tracks, and prevent us from living the life we could be living. It is a sacred calling to help those who are ill to recover, not only because of themselves. There is a ripple effect that occurs when someone is healed. Their life, lived fully, touches many others, and can spread out through time and space to eternity. Some of the greatest satisfactions in my life come from teaching people just like you, bringing out the healer in them, practicing the healing art myself, and experiencing the joy that comes from helping others to be well.

God bless you on your journey to getting well and becoming the healer you are inside.

All the Best!
Dr. Bradley Nelson, author of
"The Emotion Code"
Copyright 2007, Wellness Unmasked, Inc.